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August 13, 2011


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Pokemon Paperchildren Challenge!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 13, 2011, 2:51 PM

This is a challenge open to anyone of whatever age, skill or style. The goal is to make a pokedex entirely of Pokemon paperchildren! Or Papermon for short.
We'll be doing the first 151 Pokemon to start with! With everyone's ideas combined, it would really make a fun and original pokedex created by several Deviant artists and a huge achievement for those who participate. There are a lot of Pokemon so the more artists working together; the better! If you'd like to join PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES BELOW!

A paperchild is a cut out of a character or monster etc that you have drawn and coloured, usually by hand, and is no bigger than your hand (normally!). Many Deviant artists have made them to look as though they're interacting with how you hold them or the environment around them, making it fun to come up with poses to draw them in!
Here are some examples:
Bulbasaur Papermon by Kidura PPMN 1.3 - Tepig by Dirgenesis Paper Chimecho by pettyartist Hang In There Scraggy by OEmilyThePenguinO Cyndaquil by katieshmatie Magmar Paperchild by tavington

Some people make little tabs or use sticky tape or bluetack to hold them in place while taking a photo, if you're wondering. Paperchildren shouldn't really take too long to make, depending on how you work.

There is a list below of what Pokemon are available to make. YOU MAY DO ONLY ONE AT A TIME. Make a list of your top 5 choices and post your list in this journal. This is so that if your first choice has already been taken, the next on your list (that's available) will be your choice instead. Wait until I reply to you before making it!! . I'll then put your name next to the pokemon that's available from your list, and let you know. This is first come first serve, so please be willing to make the Papermon you have chosen!!! AND DON'T CHANGE YOUR CHOICES AFTER ALREADY POSTING A LIST!! AND DON'T NOTE ME YOUR CHOICES!! I hope that makes sense :XD:

:bulletwhite: No fakemon. This will be a pokedex for the official Pokemon.
:bulletwhite: No shinies. I know I know, shinies are great but let's just stick to how they usually look kay ^^
:bulletwhite: Full body Papermon. Try not to hide too much of it behind an obstacle when posing.
:bulletwhite! No Lineart. It would be more suitable to have it in colour.
:bulletwhite: Only one entry at a time and you cannot do two different pokemon together, but two or more of the same pokemon is fine.
:bulletwhite: It may hold a small item or random things, like hearts etc, but it'd be better if it was holding or interacting with a real life item.
:bulletwhite: The pose is entirely up to you, you may have it just looking happy or biting your finger or exploring your train station or supermarket, stuck in a tree, on the beach, raiding the fridge.. for example, use your imagination! This would make it a fun pokedex. But please be sensible. No rude poses please.
:bulletwhite: You may draw your Papermon in any style but it must resemble the Pokemon you are doing.
:bulletwhite: When it's done, it looks nicer cut out to its outline with no white bits on the outside as this makes it more realistic. Have a look at how other artists make their paperchildren/Papermon if you're not sure. Here's mine (…
:bulletwhite: Finally, take a photo of your Papermon! Make sure that it's a reasonably good close up so it will be easier to see when sized down for the full pokedex. UPLOAD IT AND LET ME KNOW, PROVIDING ME WITH A LINK/DOWNLOAD TO YOUR PHOTO IN A NOTE TO ME.
:bulletwhite: You may make another Papermon if you have completed one or two! I may consider it if you want to use a previous Pokemon paperchild you made in the past, but please ask me first.
:bulletwhite: Most importantly of all, have fun making them!

:pokeball: :pokeball: + + +  POKEMON LIST + + + :pokeball: :pokeball:
I will put your name next to the pokemon you have chosen to do, and  a :pokeball: next to it when it's done.

001 Bulbasaur - Kidura :pokeball:
002 Ivysaur - Kidura :pokeball:
003 Venusaur - ghibli92
004 Charmander - Dirgenesis :pokeball:
005 Charmeleon - EloquentTurmoil
006 Charizard - Ominous-Impression :pokeball:
007 Squirtle - LaLa-Lily :pokeball:
008 Wartortle - sylvia65charm
009 Blastoise - TazardIsEpic
010 Caterpie - CahayaKeemasann
011 Metapod - morbidreaper666
012 Butterfree - DeadAvenged
013 Weedle - tavington :pokeball:
014 Kakuna - Nocturn-TH :pokeball:
015 Beedrill - Terrainela
016 Pidgey - kpopxfan
017 Pidgeotto - tavington
018 Pidgeot - cobaltdog :pokeball:
019 Rattata - AtticCreationz2
020 Raticate - Tomnomnomz
021 Spearow - TheToothlessSmeargle
022 Fearow - runnerbean
023 Ekans - lenalee93
024 Arbok - mitzuliina
025 Pikachu - LilMissCandiiCayn
026 Raichu - InvaderDarkstripe
027 Sandshrew - xXLukiraXx
028 Sandslash - Ellyism :pokeball:
029 Nidoran (female) - Charrus
030 Nidorina - Arcky-Cano
031 Nidoqueen- virinn
032 Nidoran (male) - SymphKat
033 Nidorino - ixtu
034 Nidoking - OhNylL
035 Clefairy - NoArtsNoLife :pokeball:
036 Clefable - ShockDelivered
037 Vulpix  - toffeeComet
038 Ninetales  - toffeeComet
039 Jigglypuff - darkplaybunny
040 Wigglytuff - Letheine
041 Zubat - BBopper
042 Golbat - Golbatt
043 Oddish - Dani-chanime
044 Gloom - SeaOfCreations
045 Vileplume - Midnightslash
046 Paras - DecafLatte
047 Parasect - mitzuliina
048 Venonat - EbilTwin17
049 Venomoth - Kidura
050 Diglett - cupcake-cat :pokeball:
051 Dugtrio - danishangel
052 Meowth -DNAnnie :pokeball:
053 Persian - shonekonyan
054 Psyduck - Marlimoo
055 Golduck - Shayniichan
056 Mankey - illueia
057 Primeape - Morbubble
058 Growlithe - blackpearl9925 :pokeball:
059 Arcanine - rosewolf13
060 Poliwag - DoDaDoDaDa
061 Poliwhirl - velvateena :pokeball:
062 Poliwrath - captain-Jane
063 Abra - Eden1191
064 Kadabra - AvisTheArtistGeek :pokeball:
065 Alakazam - Sprinkle-Butt
066 Machop - Beanziebopper
067 Machoke - Hep-Hap
068 Machamp - TwistMaker
069 Bellsprout - TetenILBJ
070 Weepinbell - negg22
071 Victreebel - iwannabeadragon
072 Tentacool - Flames-Flare
073 Tentacruel - Froggesh
074 Geodude - xcountry
075 Graveler - FoxWarrior17
076 Golem - technoninjacus
077 Ponyta - ShibuyaCrow
078 Rapidash - destinationmoscow
079 Slowpoke - Zanshin100
080 Slowbro - Red7227
081 Magnemite - Intellectual-Panda :pokeball:
082 Magneton - Zanshin100
083 Farfetch'd - xFreyaxChobitsx
084 Doduo - Kirstin-Untamed
085 Dodrio - GingerSnappz
086 Seel - xXGoXAskXAliceXx :pokeball:
087 Dewgong - Melancholys
088 Grimer - RosaCosplay
089 Muk - Sogyo-kun
090 Shellder - Supersillycool
091 Cloyster - shockwave128
092 Gastly - Jolt11
093 Haunter - Kairuza
094 Gengar - decayingcherrytree
095 Onix - JiiBee
096 Drowzee - sharkoals
097 Hypno - PichuLove22
098 Krabby - Neyuu
099 Kingler - AziboArtist
100 Voltorb - KtRocks95 :pokeball:
101 Electrode - wtfisalinh
102 Exeggcute - ev1lmunchk1n
103 Exeggutor - Nom-Que-Rico21 :pokeball:
104 Cubone - zhuria
105 Marowak - Pie-Sensei
106 Hitmonlee - BrandonDanielArt
107 Hitmonchan - AroSkateboard :pokeball:
108 Lickitung - EdrielSaysMuu
109 Koffing - Ddogg2287
110 Weezing - Ddogg2287
111 Rhyhorn - jrtzjunkmail
112 Rhydon - whispered-dream :pokeball:
113 Chansey - musicsweetheart
114 Tangela - pluww
115 Kangaskhan - Kidura
116 Horsea - CreatureofFantasy
117 Seadra - OceanSunrise32
118 Goldeen - HermesSloth
119 Seaking - Weirdeh
120 Staryu - bribri949
121 Starmie - AmeNoTenshi
122 Mr. Mime - eatpastel
123 Scyther - RizuHeartless
124 Jynx - TsukiManami
125 Electabuzz - FoxWarrior17
126 Magmar - tavington :pokeball:
127 Pinsir - candy-wolf
128 Tauros - PokeFlute
129 Magikarp - VictoryOfEirikr
130 Gyarados - Glace143
131 Lapras - HardcoreLittleChick
132 Ditto - mrnacho
133 Eevee - Denbo68
134 Vaporeon - Lunarkitty1
135 Jolteon - xdecemberxlovex
136 Flareon - kiraradaisuki
137 Porygon- Siplick
138 Omanyte - v-b-rose9
139 Omastar - ayreei
140 Kabuto - tanachi
141 Kabutops - PhantomWolf-Link
142 Aerodactyl - shazy
143 Snorlax - xXMagiczXx
144 Articuno - raeiyph
145 Zapdos - kittyswilltriumph
146 Moltres - secretshidden-within
147 Dratini - XxShatteredMirrorxX
148 Dragonair - Howl-of-pain
149 Dragonite - Tiniest-Peach-Dragon
150 Mewtwo - komotaya
151 Mew - OEmilyThePenguinO

When all the Pokemon on the list have been made, the challenge will be closed and I'll compile everyone's photos. I haven't thought about the layout or how I'll submit it yet but I'll come to that later nad let you all know in a journal. Look out for it when the challenge has ended!

there's no deadline! None at all! The challenge will simply end when all the Papermon have been made.
But please don't take too long making your Papermon and NOTE ME WHEN YOU HAVE SUBMITTED SOMETHING FOR THIS CHALLENGE! Thank you : >

Yes! Prizes! A 1st,2nd and 3rd prize will be handed out to those who come up with the most creative Papermon entries. I know they're not much, but it's all I can afford ^^;
Our judges are: :iconkidura: :icondirgenesis: :iconshazy:

A free small pokemon commission from me
A prize from shazy :iconshazy:
[pending prize]
A Pokemon booster of cards/ pokemon keyring.
3 months sub.

A free small Pokemon commission from me
[Pending prize]
1 month sub.

A free small Pokemon commission from me
A custom paperchild from me

Thank you for reading, please enter and have fun!
If you have any questions please just ask here.

Gifts list

Here's my progress/list to do:
:bulletwhite: James-san :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
(secret 1)  :star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
(secret 2)  :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletwhite: Art trade with Donna/Tavington-san (Ganondorf) :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

:bulletwhite: Shadowjess-san (mew, pikachu, mismagius, umbreon)
Gift for ShadowJess by Kidura
:bulletwhite: Hinami-san (Weavile, eevee, yanma) :star::star::star::star::star:
Gift for Hinami by Kidura
:bulletwhite: Alpha621-san (Lucario) :star::star::star::star::star:
Gift for Alpha by Kidura
:bulletwhite: Charlotte-chan (secret <3) :star::star::star::star::star: (uploading in the future)
:bulletwhite: DarkElpizo-san (Aggron, hydreigon, meinshao, gigalith) :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletwhite: KatlynWolf-san (Gengar) :star::star::star::star::star: (uploading soon)
:bulletwhite: KirbyLink-san (Articuno) :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletwhite: KiraraDaisuki-san (Emolga) :star::star::star::star::star: (uploading soon)
:bulletwhite: Kuro-san (Growlithe/arcanine) :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

:bulletwhite: Horsie-san ... :boing: pending
:bulletwhite: FrozenWing-san ... :boing: pending
:bulletwhite: Exeterskiss-san ... :boing: pending
:bulletwhite: Janners-san ... :boing: pending
:bulletwhite: xx-So-Me-xx-san ... :boing: pending
:bulletwhite: Silverbirch-san ... :boing: pending
:bulletwhite: SandninjaGaara-san ... :boing: pending

This is such a long journal, I'm really sorry!!

Hope everyone is okay,
Love Kidura x

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TheDragon-Empress Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I also join? I made a few, but in the regular poses and stuck them in a notebook. Can I still take the pics of them and send it here?
Hama-Girl Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this all done with now? It looks like great fun :)
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If you do Johto i would like to try this.
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Can I please have Cherubi??
Ms-NinaNavizsko Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
I want Cherubi pleaase :3 I already began :D or let me know from which number pokemon is needed :3
fakemonforlife Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
Hey~! I made a Flaaffy-paperchild, It's on my profile~!
BulbasarsXD Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
If you want to have a emolga just let me know
LovePikaNizzy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Why did I see this way too late -.-

Please let me know if there will ever be another challenge like that?

I'm also thinking of doing some just for the fun of it even if they won't be in the challenge.. if you don't mind, that is?
pinkpikachu2000 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
hey can u let me know if ur doing unova cas u wanna do oshawott
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